I didn’t realise I hadn’t posted the updated version of this!

Lupita Nyong’o portrait. This one is for sale if anyone would like it.

Drop me an email for any portrait requests



My most recent commission piece! Prismacolor pencils on paper.

The store I work at is going to be closing down soon so I’d like to do this more regularly! So if you’d like to commission a piece please send me a message, or email at

My prices are low as I’m building a portfolio.

Your portrait will be completed within days and the original posted out to you.


Any support would be much appreciated!

28555483_10156249231840742_1457104221_oSo I’ve created a page where people can support my art by ‘buying me a coffee’; essentially people can donate $3 in order to support artists. I’d be using the donations to by art supplies.

BUT BONUS, I’m also using it to give me art inspiration. I’m saying that if anyone donates 5 coffees, I’ll draw you something of your choice. It’ll be on a4 size paper and in color pencils (or black and grey if you prefer). AND if you want the original posted to you, (outside the uk is like $3) you can donate once more and I’ll send it out to you!¬†within the UK I’ll post it for free.




Tyrion Lannister, prismacolor pencils.
Anyone want a portrait? I’m struggling right now and could really use the work. I don’t even have a set price, you can let me know what you want drawn up and just state how much you’d pay – easy. Send me a message, or email at

I’ll draw it and post it as soon as possible, like drawn up same/next day quick.



I very rarely draw animals, literally only when they are commissioned.
And despite the complete lack of motivation I had for this piece (I hate drawing hair so the idea of fur was my worst nightmare), I actually do like how it turned out.
If you would like anything drawn up, please leave me a message.