DSCN1990bCommissioned tattoo design of Medusa. The information I was given to work off was; ‘feminine, pin-upesque medusa, with real hair as well as snakes, and a general color scheme of pinks, blues, greens, and purples in a neo-traditional style’. I am open for commissions; tattoo designs and portraiture.

  1. Or, Katy Perry in her recent “play with magic” video sans her Cleopatra apparel. Nice…though it’s a bit hard to imagine as a tattoo. But, it would make a cool business card logo for yourself, I bet.

    • I actually didn’t use Katy Perry as a reference, the girl just slightly resembles that version of her, though I can’t really see it otherwise. & it’d be easily tattooable, but thanks either way.

      • I suppose it’s something in the eyes and hair…ya know the actual hair instead of snake hair:D

        I just thought a tattoo might have thicker lines and more solid sections of color.


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