Monthly Archives: May 2013

Be expecting a few of these. I want to get back in to the habit of drawing daily while I have the time. This one is Sasha Alexander, again only around 2 inches big.

I am alone. Always. Never had a family, always an intruder, never welcomed in to a home. An orphan, I grew up surrounded by children like me, but always with one major difference. Someone always came for them. I felt secluded, was secluded, hell I still am. I guess some things never change. But they will. Having no one, being no one, means one thing; I can become whoever the hell I want to be.


I’m back and restarting OneWord, I’ll also be posting some drawings as I now have months of free time. Hurrah. Anyway, here is one of my posts fromĀ

I stood alone, casting a shadow that was to be my only company, possibly forever. It seemed that this was to be my fate, not only alone, but undividedly lonely. I belonged to no one, fit in nowhere. My shadow the only confirmation that I had not yet perished, and still belonged to this unceremonious world.