Ok, so I disappeared again but I have had so much going on. Today however I decided to procrastinate and paint a canvas. I’m not pleased with the result, I’ll probably paint over it.
20cm x 20cm acrylic on canvas.

  1. It’s a random image choice of a stag’s head on a colorful backdrop resembling grapes of different colors…but I like it. You may not be pleased with it because it’s not your finer detail work (like those amazing portraits)…but it’s still something good. But, it IS an acquired taste/interest piece:) I’m not sure who would be the right deer fan (or deer friend:P) to appreciate it on their wall. But, it inspires me to try something similar.

      • Ugggh, yer the second one today to respond like that:) Yes, it’s a compliment with a splash or cup of honest opinion wandering elsewhere. I should/could have stopped at “Nice job”…but I felt the rest slipping from my grip and went with it:) I gave the light and the dark. I figure that’s more genuine than simple praise that might not be more than polite.

  2. I think the problem lies in your compliments being back handed, and worded as slightly condescending rather than simply ‘honest’, but I do appreciate the sentiment of balanced critique.

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