Arts and crafts.

Firstly I’d like to apologise for being MIA for the past few days but I have been on maid of honor duty. Secondly I’d like to show off my arts and crafts project of the day and explain it. 

Being a student I almost never have any money, so when I do I want to spend it on clothes/fixing my breaking down car/going out and not on ‘fancy’ stationary. But I also do not want boring, ugly stationary. So I decided to combine both, and created my own for no more than £1 or a mere 20p per notebook. Call me Martha Stewart 2.0. (Thirdly I’d like to point out that I can do Math, there’ll be one more finished tomorrow.)

To make them I bought 5 notebooks, one for each of the modules I will be studying this year. They were just plain, cheap, and ideal. Then I went on a search around my house for broken bits of jewelry, sequins and anything else I could find that would spice them up. Here’s the starting point:



And here are the end results (the titles of my classes have no relation to the decor): 








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