Opening up your creativity.


I do realise I have been MIA but I haven’t been feeling very creative lately in neither writing or art. That was until I sat down to paint with my 3 (nearly 4) year old niece a few days ago. I hardly ever use any artistic freedom when drawing or painting, always sticking almost exactly to the reference picture I am using, so I decided to purchase a blank canvas for me and Lowri, my niece, to paint. Since there’s no painting perfectly when a 3 year old is involved I couldn’t get all anally retentive about it, it was just for fun, for the both of us and it seems to have sparked my creativity again, at least in writing anyway. So not only am I happily writing again but I also have a niece who is extremely proud of her ‘masterpiece’ that is now placed on the wall.


It seems that free-painting works just as well as free-writing at clearing a creative block.


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