Do dreams have meaning?

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately, now they have always been very strange and overly detailed but they seem to be getting worse. Ever since I can remember my dreams have been very vivid, always in colour, involving conversation, occasionally lucid and sometimes even reoccurring and anyone who knows me will know this about me.

Whenever I start a sentence with “I had a weird dream last night” anyone involved in the conversation will sigh begging me not to explain what it was, with one friend claiming that “they’re too long and intricate, they’re like movies.” And it’s true, but what are they really?

Dreams have always fascinated me. I just can not grasp why we dream or what dreaming is, though I understand the technicalities it just doesn’t make sense. Is it another world we access in our sleep? Do they mean anything?
Most dream interpretations are so vague that you could search for any image and have it relate to some aspect of your life, much like horoscopes. Example? I have been dreaming of ghosts, more specifically of a haunting. What does this ‘mean’? “You may be afraid of death and dying.” But seriously, who isn’t?
What do you make of it?

PS, I don’t know where I was going with this, it’s 6:47 am therefore my brain is a little foggy but I hadn’t posted in a few days so I felt underpressure. Apologies.

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  1. twistedlola said:

    I had a weird dream last night myself, and I hate those dreams that make you think “is this really happening”? I can relate!

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