I love doing research.

That’s not as weird as it sounds once I’ve explained it. 

Since I came up with an idea for a novel I’ve been wanting to research as much as I can before I start doing any actual writing but today I just wanted a movie marathon kind of day to lazy away my hangover. It was then that I realised I could do both without putting any real work in. So I have spent my day eating, sleeping and watching Marvel movies. 2 down, 17 to go. Ah, how I love ‘research’.

  1. nikkirileyblog said:

    You are a fantastic artist! Wow! 😀

    • nikkirileyblog said:

      Okay, I totally posted that in the wrong place. The compliment still stands, but it’s irrelevant on this particular post. Sorry about that..

      But woohoo, Marvel movies! 😀

      • Haha don’t apologise, thank you! I haven’t had much inspiration for it lately, I will get around to posting more soon though.

      • nikkirileyblog said:

        Ugh, I know that feeling. But I’m glad! 😀

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