I just can’t bond with my kindle.


There is nothing better than settling down with a good book. With a Kindle/iPad/iPod/iPhone it is just not the same thing. It doesn’t have the same effect. I could sit and read from a literal book for hours on end, finishing a whole novel in one sitting. On kindle? Not a chance. Not only because it is a proven fact that you read slower from a screen but also because the thought of sitting with a piece of of literature crammed on to a mass manufactured piece of tecnhology actually makes me sad. As a child I loved visiting the library, I went every week and by the time I was 5 I had read all of my required reading for school and had been moved on to library books by choice. Both me and my mom made it if not weekly then at least a fortnightly thing and even as I grew up we still regularly visited and passed on books to eachother by recommendation. Those days are long gone, not for me and my mom (we have a shared pile of library books stacked on the shelf ready and waiting) but for children of the new generation which is why this tradition has now begun with my niece. She is three and already a regular visitor to the local library trading in book after book ready to loan more.

There’s no trading or sharing of eBooks (unless of course you are willing to pass over your kindle for an undisclosed period of time) but isn’t that a part of the fun? Reading a wonderful book, passing it on to a friend and seeing it grow old, used and tattered through years of love.

When did turning a page become sliding your finger across a slab of glass. I understand that I’m being hypocritical here, I’ve read many books on my kindle but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

So now whenever I see a worn down book, with an old-fashioned leather look cover, gold writing or one that just looks like it’s been loved over the years I will buy it, no matter what book it is. I can’t stand the thought of it being discarded, it’s a much more hurtful thought than the clicking of a delete button, especially when some books are as lovely as these:


It’s not often these days that you will find a book that has golden edges that shimmer in the light or a book that has a decorative gold and green lining or even this one shown above where it has the fabulous quote reading “good books are true friends”.

They just don’t make books like these anymore and it’s a sad fact to deal with.

  1. Dean Lambo said:

    I’ve never liked those frikken kindle things. Are those your books? they look so awesome 🙂

    • Luckily I only downloaded the free Kindle app to my iPod, I refuse to buy the actual tablet. Yes they’re mine, I’ve built up quite a collection ha, thanks.

  2. A.M.B. said:

    I love “old fashioned” books, but I don’t actually miss them as much as I thought. To me, the benefits of the Kindle outweigh the nostalgia I feel for paperback or hardcover books. I love that I’m able to travel with many books in my digital library without having to lug around a stack of actual books. I also like being to highlight and write “on” my books without feeling like I’m ruining them. Some of the books I’ve read, mostly the indie ones, actually do allow sharing. Still, I know what you mean about missing “the real thing.”

    • I agree with the loving being able to travel with multiple books, it certainly makes any form of travelling a lot less painful but I think I will always prefer an actual book. It just feels more fulfilling.

  3. Oh my god I know that I am just overly emotional right now, but this made me tear up! Especially because I tend to personify objects far too often. Those books are friends, hitting a delete button is crazy. I love those old books as well. Even the ones you find in free piles that are not too interesting; they had so much effort put in. You can tell by the font and the thickness of the pages. They hold onto so much energy, it seems. I agree with you. I don’t even have a kindle or whatever yet, and I’m having a hard time making the switch.

    • Love your reaction (not that I made you cry, but that my ranting actually had an emotional effect.) I completely agree. I have nothing against the kindle. It has many pros and not really any cons and the free app is completely worth downloading even just for the free English classics that are available on it so perhaps don’t completely switch just venture in to it for when carrying multiple books is a little difficult.

  4. I love my kindle (or rather, the kindle app on my phone) because it opens up opportunities for me to read. I’ve got plans to introduce audio books into my rotation as well, so time I spend commuting or exercising can also be reading.

    But I will always come back to real books. Coming home from the bookstore with a plastic bag full of novels I can’t wait to get into; the half-finished novel waiting next to me in bed in case of a bout of insomnia; that last hundred page sprint where I can’t read fast enough to discover how it all turns out; and that final feeling of completion when the last sentence is read . . . at least until I start the next book.

    • Ah I have yet to venture in to audio books, I may invest in them for when I am driving.
      Agreed, seeing the pages that have been read grow and the pages left to read shrink, knowing that you’re nearing the books conclusion is something that I love. And perhaps my love of this is in part why I dislike the kindle. I hate not visibly witnessing my progression through a story, with just a number on the kindle to let you know how many ‘pages’ are left to read does not have the same effect on me.

  5. twistedlola said:

    Nothing compares to a paper book! I have a kindle and it’s great for convenience, BUT I love to visit our local library, too. I feel like I get somewhere when I’m turning pages instead of seeing a percentage tally up my progress. I’m a big highlighter in my books and I reference them from time to time. Much easier on paper!!

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