Could I do this? Could I write a novel?

I have been reading a lot of other writer’s pieces lately, and reading about aspiring writer’s wanting to write. I have always had such an admiration for those who write, and this admiration stems from my thought of “I could never do that” but, out of nowhere, an idea for a novel has sprung upon me after only yesterday complaining about my writer’s block and lack of ideas. I also ended yesterday’s post (or recovery attempt as I referred to it) in the hope that in writing about writer’s block (ironic) it would help me to get over it. And it seems to have worked, for now at least. And It also seems that the answer to my title question is ‘maybe’, maybe I could actually do this.

Now where to start? 

  1. twistedlola said:

    Stop talking about it and JUST DO IT 😉

    If writing is your true passion, it will come to you. Write what you feel, what burns in you. What turns you on, does it for you.

    The only one holding you back is yourself. You already know what you want to do, so just do it.

    Put all of your fears aside and your doubts. Believe in yourself. Put pen to paper, get inspired, and write.


    • Thank you for your kind words, it’s so nice to know people actually read this stuff and I DID actually write down some ideas, 3 pages of ideas actually. I even did some research, thought about some possible names for possible characters. Knowing that I have some encouragement has only made me want to write more. Thank you. xo

  2. twistedlola said:

    Good!! Glad I could help. Finding a passion is something I’m so “into” right now. Anything that feed our souls, makes us “tick” and gets us wanting to do it all the time, consuming our thoughts, is what makes life awesome!

    For me, connecting with others, writing about my life experiences and just being true to who I am right now is my passion. And I can relate to your being “stuck” so to speak, trying to find your way with this. It’s great that your looking for mentors too. 🙂

    • I completely agree. Passion is what drives us and right now it’s wanting to write. Though I’m not so much stuck now as unsure where to start. I am always open to mentoring/help from other writers and I welcome it.

  3. I can’t preach this book enough. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Kicks writers block in the butt every time, which is why I own both an ebook and paper back copy, so that way I am never too far away from those inspiring words.

    • Ohh I’ll have a look for it, thanks for the recommendation!

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