I seem to have come down with a bad case of writer’s block.

Is there anything worse than wanting to write but being unable to force any words out of your mind?

Ok, obviously there a million things worse than writer’s block but right now this is the only immediate problem I am facing.

I am not even suffering from the typical ‘being unable to write’ writer’s block, I can not even come up with anything interesting to write about. (Other than my writer’s block clearly, but this can hardly be considered interesting.)

In my head I want to write a novel, but about what? And would I even be able to do it? I believe this is what is stopping me. I keep questioning my abilities, doubting whether I could write anything worthy of reading even if a subject presented itself to me. But how do I overcome this? Google, that’s how.

I have actually stumbled across a ’10 step program’ for battling writer’s block, (I feel like I am in writing rehabilitation). And it just so happens to be that step 6 suggests to; “Write about your anxieties regarding writing or creativity.“ Ironically I had started this rant/recovery attempt before finding this ‘program’ so it seems I had already started helping myself anyway. So perhaps this will help, and then again perhaps not. We’ll see.

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