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So how do you choose between a project that is already started with no end plan in sight or a project with a layout, ideas and characters but that isn’t started in the slightest?

This decision perhaps wouldn’t prove so difficult if the two projects weren’t completely different in every way, the first a sort of memoir, the second a science fiction novel.

I use the term memoir loosely, it is not so much a memoir as an elaborate diary in novel form, and without the ‘dear diary’. It is also following events of my life as they happen rather than looking back on a specific event, which is where the ‘no end plan in sight’ problem comes up. It has no plot, no event to focus on.

But I also have no idea how to begin the science fiction novel, I have read many in my life time but none focusing specifically on the sub-genre I have in mind. So I am stuck between projects with no idea of which to turn, so I turned to you wordpress. Ah procrastination.



I do realise I have been MIA but I haven’t been feeling very creative lately in neither writing or art. That was until I sat down to paint with my 3 (nearly 4) year old niece a few days ago. I hardly ever use any artistic freedom when drawing or painting, always sticking almost exactly to the reference picture I am using, so I decided to purchase a blank canvas for me and Lowri, my niece, to paint. Since there’s no painting perfectly when a 3 year old is involved I couldn’t get all anally retentive about it, it was just for fun, for the both of us and it seems to have sparked my creativity again, at least in writing anyway. So not only am I happily writing again but I also have a niece who is extremely proud of her ‘masterpiece’ that is now placed on the wall.


It seems that free-painting works just as well as free-writing at clearing a creative block.

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately, now they have always been very strange and overly detailed but they seem to be getting worse. Ever since I can remember my dreams have been very vivid, always in colour, involving conversation, occasionally lucid and sometimes even reoccurring and anyone who knows me will know this about me.

Whenever I start a sentence with “I had a weird dream last night” anyone involved in the conversation will sigh begging me not to explain what it was, with one friend claiming that “they’re too long and intricate, they’re like movies.” And it’s true, but what are they really?

Dreams have always fascinated me. I just can not grasp why we dream or what dreaming is, though I understand the technicalities it just doesn’t make sense. Is it another world we access in our sleep? Do they mean anything?
Most dream interpretations are so vague that you could search for any image and have it relate to some aspect of your life, much like horoscopes. Example? I have been dreaming of ghosts, more specifically of a haunting. What does this ‘mean’? “You may be afraid of death and dying.” But seriously, who isn’t?
What do you make of it?

PS, I don’t know where I was going with this, it’s 6:47 am therefore my brain is a little foggy but I hadn’t posted in a few days so I felt underpressure. Apologies.

I love this photograph, not only for the beauty of the sea and its creatures but also because it was one of few good things to come out of the trip on which it was taken. I won't say anything more than it was the worst holiday of my life. However, silver lining, I did manage to get a few good photographs. Sadly this photograph was not taken on a fabulous diving trip or actually under the sea for that matter, it was taken in an aquarium in France, though I can't remember which one. I have a few other pictures from the visit that I will possibly post at some point, or definitely, if someone requests them.


There is nothing better than settling down with a good book. With a Kindle/iPad/iPod/iPhone it is just not the same thing. It doesn’t have the same effect. I could sit and read from a literal book for hours on end, finishing a whole novel in one sitting. On kindle? Not a chance. Not only because it is a proven fact that you read slower from a screen but also because the thought of sitting with a piece of of literature crammed on to a mass manufactured piece of tecnhology actually makes me sad. As a child I loved visiting the library, I went every week and by the time I was 5 I had read all of my required reading for school and had been moved on to library books by choice. Both me and my mom made it if not weekly then at least a fortnightly thing and even as I grew up we still regularly visited and passed on books to eachother by recommendation. Those days are long gone, not for me and my mom (we have a shared pile of library books stacked on the shelf ready and waiting) but for children of the new generation which is why this tradition has now begun with my niece. She is three and already a regular visitor to the local library trading in book after book ready to loan more.

There’s no trading or sharing of eBooks (unless of course you are willing to pass over your kindle for an undisclosed period of time) but isn’t that a part of the fun? Reading a wonderful book, passing it on to a friend and seeing it grow old, used and tattered through years of love.

When did turning a page become sliding your finger across a slab of glass. I understand that I’m being hypocritical here, I’ve read many books on my kindle but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

So now whenever I see a worn down book, with an old-fashioned leather look cover, gold writing or one that just looks like it’s been loved over the years I will buy it, no matter what book it is. I can’t stand the thought of it being discarded, it’s a much more hurtful thought than the clicking of a delete button, especially when some books are as lovely as these:


It’s not often these days that you will find a book that has golden edges that shimmer in the light or a book that has a decorative gold and green lining or even this one shown above where it has the fabulous quote reading “good books are true friends”.

They just don’t make books like these anymore and it’s a sad fact to deal with.

That’s not as weird as it sounds once I’ve explained it. 

Since I came up with an idea for a novel I’ve been wanting to research as much as I can before I start doing any actual writing but today I just wanted a movie marathon kind of day to lazy away my hangover. It was then that I realised I could do both without putting any real work in. So I have spent my day eating, sleeping and watching Marvel movies. 2 down, 17 to go. Ah, how I love ‘research’.