I very rarely draw animals, literally only when they are commissioned.
And despite the complete lack of motivation I had for this piece (I hate drawing hair so the idea of fur was my worst nightmare), I actually do like how it turned out.
If you would like anything drawn up, please leave me a message.


17237241_10155142976285742_803055907_oPrince commission. Prismacolor pencils on A4 paper.
So I have a question, how much would you (any artist) charge for a piece like this? Full colour, and for the original?

Any advice on pricing from working artists?  (or as a buyer, how much would you pay for an original drawing?)


Finally finished my Emile De Ravin portrait, I felt like this one took forever. Done in prismacolor pencils as always. & Again, if you’d like to commission a portrait please do get in contact.


I really don’t want to draw the hair, someone distract me. Emilie De Ravin portrait in prismacolor pencils. I’ve had fun doing this one.

Want a portrait drawn up? Just get in contact.


Here is my kitchen gallery wall. All of the paintings are by me, I even painted the¬†shelves which were originally black. I’m probably going to paint a large canvas to fill the gap top right, and a small one to fill the gap bottom right.

If you’d like a canvas in this style in any colours of your choice just leave a comment or email me at artbybernadette@outlook.com